Backup-GPO Error on Windows Server Core

After migrating some scheduled tasks to a new Windows Server 2016 Core server I discovered that the Backup-GPO cmdlet was throwing an error.

Backup-GPO: The data is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000D)

I used this quick PowerShell script in order to determine which GPOs in particular were having an issue.

1$gpos = Get-GPO -All
3foreach ($gpo in $gpos)
5      Write-Host $gpo.DisplayName.ToString()
6      Backup-GPO $gpo.DisplayName.ToString()

The policies all had folder redirection in common which narrowed things down but still didn't explain the behavior. After a bit more research I found this KB article which seems to correlate with this issue even though it's about AGPM.

The article states:

Because Windows Server Core does not have the GPMC Interfaces installed, applications that use this interface will fail.

So it appears that the cmdlet will not work on any version of Windows Server Core as I was able to reproduce the issue on Windows Server 2012 R2 Core and Windows Server 2019 Core (I also tried it with the Server Core App Compatibility Feature on Demand).

I ended up having to migrate the task to a server with the desktop experience installed in order for it to work.